Wonderweekend comes to the most beautiful garden in the country once a year:

Meise Botanical Garden

Nieuwelaan 38

1860 Meise



You can choose for only a day ticket or you can choose to add a ‘overnachting’ which means as much as a overnight stay. You also choose when to come:

– Saturday 13 August 2022 from 11 am to Sunday 14 August 11 am.

– Or Sunday 14 August 2022 from 11 am to Monday 15 August 11 am.


The activities on both days are exactly the same and is tailor-made for families with children aged between 2 and 12.


Where is this party?

In the most beautiful garden in the country: the Botanical Garden Meise. The main entrance is at Nieuwelaan 38 in Meise. Any squirrel in and around Brussels will be able to show you the way.


When does wonderweekend start en when does it end?

Do you have a day ticket? In that case you are welcome from 11 am until the evening show, which usually ends at 21h30. Afterwards, tired but satisfied, you can go home and dream on.

Have you booked an overnight stay? Then you are welcome from 11 am until 11 am the next day. So you can experience miracles 24 hours on end! In the morning, you can have breakfast until 10 am and immerse yourself in the latest activities. Afterwards, you have plenty of time to pack. But you can also pack your tent with all your belongings if you want to and are able to. We only ask you kindly to leave the Botanical Garden before 11 am so that the new visitors can start their wonderweekend.


I can’t find my tickets!

To be able to buy tickets, you had to create an account at wonderweekend.be

When you log in, you can find and download your tickets under “Bestellingen”!


Can I get there via public transport?

From Brussels, you can take the train station Brussels North, Bockstael or Metro station King Baudouin line 6:

The recommended services are the bus lines 250 (Brussels-Impde-Londerzeel-Liezele-Puurs) and 251 (Brussels-Steenhuffel-Liezele-Malderen-Puurs). The bus stop ‘Meise: Nationale Plantentuin’ is optional, so don’t forget to ask the driver to stop. The bus stop ‘Meise: Nationale Plantentuin’ is situated between the stops ‘Strombeek-Bever: Drijpikkel’ and ‘Meise: Boechtstraat’. For timetables contact De Lijn.

Another possibility are the bus lines 260 (Brussels-Nieuwenrode-Willebroek-Puurs) and 233 (Brussels-Humbeek). The bus stop ‘Meise: Private Dreef’ is optional, so don’t forget to ask the driver to stop. The bus stop ‘Meise: Private Dreef’ is located between the stops ‘Meise: Potaarde’ and ‘Meise: Dreef’. Please note that the entrance to the Botanical Garden is about 1 km from this stop. You have to cross the A12 via the pedestrian bridge. For timetables, contact De Lijn.

From Zaventem (Station Nationale Luchthaven or Station Zaventem) or Vilvoorde (Station Grimbergen or Station Merchtem):

The recommended service is bus line 821 (Zaventem-Vilvoorde-Grimbergen-Merchtem). The bus stop ‘Meise: Boechtstraat’ is optional, so don’t forget to ask the driver to stop. Please note that the nearest entrance to the Botanical Garden is entrance B (Meise village) and not the main entrance (about 1 km away). You have to be at the main entrance. You can also take bus line 820 (Zaventem-Vilvoorde-Jette AZ-VUB-Dilbeek) which connects to Vilvoorde station, where you can change to bus line 821 to get to the Botanical Garden.

From Puurs (Station Londerzeel or Station Wolvertem):

The recommended services are the bus lines 250 (Puurs-Liezele-Londerzeel-Impde-Brussels) and 251 (Puurs-Malderen-Londerzeel-Steenhuffel-Brussels). The bus stop ‘Meise: Nationale Plantentuin’ at the main entrance of the Botanical Garden is optional, so don’t forget to ask the driver to stop. The bus stop ‘Meise: Nationale Plantentuin’ is located between the stops ‘Meise: Boechtstraat’ and ‘Strombeek-Bever: Drijpikkel’. For timetables contact De Lijn.

From Willebroek, Tisselt, Ramsdonk, Kapelle-op-den-Bos: (Station Nieuwenrode or St-Brixius-Rode):

Bus service 260 (Puurs-Willebroek-Brussels) will take you to the stop ‘Meise: Private Dreef’. This stop is optional, so don’t forget to ask the driver to stop. The bus stop ‘Meise: Private Dreef’ is located between the stops ‘Meise: Dreef’ and ‘Meise: Potaarde’.

Attention: the entrance to the Botanical Garden is about 1 km from this stop. You have to cross the A12 via the pedestrian bridge. For timetables contact De Lijn.


Can I get there by car?

Wonderweekend can be reached from the Brussels outer ring road (R0), exit 7a to the A12 Brussels-Boom-Antwerp direction Willebroek. About 2 km from the Grote Ring, take exit 3 Meise. Then just follow the signs to ‘Meise’ and ‘Nationale Plantentuin’.

Coming from Brussels, at the crossroads with Romeinse Steenweg (about 1 km north of the Atomium) take the Bouchoutlaan in the direction of Meise and Nationale Plantentuin.

From Antwerp, take the A12 Antwerp-Boom-Brussels, exit 3 Meise and follow the direction to ‘Nationale Plantentuin’. Do not take the motorway E19 Antwerp-Mechelen-Brussels!


What do we have to bring?

Perhaps this will help: Imagine that you are going camping for one night, but that you are not cooking and do not need to bring a tent. Then you will come to this list more or less:

– A bed, air mattress or mattress to sleep on. (Your tent is 1.5 m x 2.20 m). Unless you have ordered a wondertipi deluxe, of course, in which case your bed will be ready and waiting for you.

– A sleeping bag and a pillow.

– A torch.

– Sleeping and washing utensils.

– Mosquito repellent.

– Your swimsuit or swimming costume.

– Rainwear. Although this can be replaced by the previous one.

– Your day and/or overnight tickets and foodvouchers.


Can we bring our own tent?

No, it is not allowed to bring you own tent. It is also a unique experience to sleep together in a cardboard tent.

Please note that we do not have all the facilities as a normal campsite. Wonderweekend is the only weekend per year that it is allowed to spend the night in the Plantentuin Meise. There will be electricity, but it will be centralized at one location. You may not cook or heat food in the botanical garden. But don’t worry: you won’t know where to start tasting all the goodies we provide.


Sleeping in a cardboard tent? Isn’t that a good plan only on paper?

We understand. The first time we slept in a cardboard tent, we also had some questions. These ones for instance:


How big is such a tent?

Your cardboard tent measures 2.2 m x 1.5 m.


How many people can fit in a tent like this?

The tents are big enough for two people. And then of course there is room for your stuff. A rabbit or three can certainly fit in as well.


But what if it rains?

All year round, we make sacrifices to the weather gods in order to have brilliant weather that weekend. But even if it does rain, that’s no problem. Your tent is made of a high-quality cardboard and can withstand a burst of rain. It can easily hold up to three days of pouring rain. And since you are only coming for one night, there is no need to worry.


May I decorate my tent?

May I? May I? You must! No, just kidding, you don’t have to do anything in Wonderwaterland. But we would love for you to decorate your tent. When you arrive at the Cardboard Camping, we will even give you some paint stuff to paint your tent. And don’t hold back on bringing things from home.


Can we take our beautifully decorated tent home afterwards?

Of course! The tent is all yours. But it is also huge. Even with a standard carrier on the roof, it is not possible to transport them. So you need a van or a trailer. But we have seen some great things.


What do we eat today?

Every year, we provide plenty of delicious food and try our best to provide something for everyone. There is something for everyone and for every budget.


What happens after dinner?

At 8.30pm everyone gathers to enjoy our wonderful evening show. It usually lasts for half an hour and will stay in your heads for a long time.

After the show, wonderweekend ends for the people with day tickets. For everyone who spends the night, the evening walk starts here. An unforgettable walk through the woods of the Botanical Garden where you will encounter the most wonderful things. The walk ends at the campfire campsite.

There, fire bowls are burning with desire to meet you. You choose your own fire and enjoy each other, the stars and all the great adventures you have had today.

We will provide marshmallows and the one and only wonder weekend troubadour will come and play your favourite songs on request.


How is the morning rush?

After being the King of the Cardboard Camp, there is a royal breakfast with all the trimmings.

The little ones are awake early. But no worries, we provide coffee from 6 am onwards.

Breakfast is available from 7.30 am to 10 am. Afterwards, everyone has time to pack. The tents will be recycled. That is why we ask you to tidy them up together. Do a little dance together to get them as flat as possible and bring them to the containers. Who knows, you might even win a full-blown wonderweekend for next year!

We kindly ask you to leave the Botanical Garden by 11 am so that the new visitors can dive into their wonderweekend.


We have tickets but can’t make it anymore! Will our tickets be refunded?

Unfortunately, we cannot refund any tickets or food vouchers because at this point all of our costs have already been incurred: the tents have been ordered, the rent for the botanical garden has been paid, all of the activities have been planned, the equipment has been purchased… Therefore, we really cannot refund cancellations.


You might be filmed! What about our privacy?

Every year we make an atmospheric film of our weekend and there are photographers who take pictures. By entering the festival, you automatically give permission for the registration and use of the footage by wonderweekend and its partners. But we’re not going to ask you to smile, you’ll be doing that already! Besides, it’s a really nice memory when you are filmed or photographed.