What are we going to eat?

If you come and stay the night, a delicious breakfast is included anyway, but for both afternoon and evening you can order an extra meal.

We have several options: from foodtrucks, over a picknick, to our ultimate adventure restaurant: the Restaurant Without Cutlery!

Below you can find a list with all the options

Please not that this year we also ask you to select a time slot to avoid long queues.

the Restaurant Without Cutlery or Restaurant Zonder Bestek

Adult: €21 / Child: €19

In this intergalactically famous restaurant, you can ask for EVERYTHING. Except for cutlery. And we make no exceptions for anything or anyone. Not even for mothers with bright white dresses. Eat with your hands, teeth, feet and knees, but don’t you dare bring out any cutlery or… you’ll be doing the imaginary dishes. And we decide how much it is!

Be careful, because there are strict controls on smuggling cutlery in here… But who knows: maybe you can get hold of a fork somewhere on the black market?

The Restaurant Without Cutlery is our most fantastic experience restaurant. As a starter, we’ll spoil you with a nacho party, followed by chicken meatballs made of the Blankenberg swimming sea-chicken with vegetables, pasta and/or potatoes. For those who are not so fond of the swimming chicken, we provide a vegetarian alternative.

Pottenlikkers restaurant

Adult: €14 / Child: €12

Do you already know the Pottenlikkers? Together with Colruyt Lowest Prices, we created the one and only Pottenlikkers Restaurant! Cook your own Pottenlikkers dish together with the whole family!

Will you choose the salmon burger with potato parts, the pita roll with chicken strips or the pita roll with tofu?

Create these delicious dishes together with the children in our DIY restaurant.


Adult: €15 / Child: €13

Picnicking in the most beautiful garden in the country, that’s our wonderpicknick. A delicious buffet with treats for both young and old.

Foodmaker has put on his speedo and provides an underwater buffet in Wonderwaterland full of fresh vegetables and the most delicious side dishes!

You choose, so this is a good option for vegetarians or people with food intolerances.

Spaghetti Walhalla

Adult: €15 / Child: €12

Never change a winning team: our Spaghetti Walhalla is a real treat! You can choose between a spaghetti bolognese or a veggie spaghetti, served at an idyllic location, al dente of course ;-) This year the plates will be filled by none other than Bavet!


Adult: €21 / Child: €19

Have one of our grillmeisters bake for you or do it yourself. We provide everything you need: a barbecue, fresh meat, a vegetarian option, a delicious salad bar for which Foodmaker has descended to the bottom of the sea and… a beautiful location!

There are small gas barbecues everywhere. The grillmeisters will lend a hand with the best barbecue tips, and if you really can’t manage it, they can just do it themselves.

This option is only available during the evening shift, from 17:30.


Adult: €10 / Child: €7,5

Are we serving you too many options? No problem! Then just go for this one. In the middle of Wonderweekend we will park a herd of foodtrucks: all you have to do is choose.

A tasty burger, an Asian wok dish, soup and of course pizza or something sweet: everyone will find something to their liking!