Wonderweekend! A magical festival in the middle of nature for the entire family. You will be immersed in a wonderland of theatre, dance, music, activities you never thought of before and experiences that have yet to be defined. In the evening, you finish off with an twilight show and a magical walk through the dark forest which ends at a campfire where you can polish off your marshmallow baking and magic skills. Afterwards, you dive into a cardboard tent together at the Cardboard Camp. In the morning, you will have a hearty breakfast and then go home with dirt up to your ears and a backpack full of unforgettable memories. Come see, taste and experience!

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Put starfish, glitter and frog stickers in your diaries for Friday 18 and Saturday 19 August 2023, because then you can all attend the most wonderful family festival in the country for the fifth time: wonderweekend!

This year wonderweekend again lands among the enchanting plants of the Botanical Garden Meise. This year as well we have a theme. This year we are all heading down to the bottom of the sea for the Wonderland, so make sure to pack your scuba gear

What are we going to do?

We already revealed some of the activities on our social so head to our Instagram and Facebook to check it out. You will certainly go home with mud up to your ears and a backpack full of memories. We promise! Check out our 2021 aftermovie below for a sneak peek!


A day full of wonders in the Botanical Garden Meise

All sorts of things are going to happen which are not possible or which you had never thought of before. Perhaps you will take a bath on top of a tree, learn to speak squirrel, build a marble track or really shoot with bananas? Like every year, there are some classics that come back. You can see them below.

the beach without sand

Beach chairs, sunshades, nice drinks and some music… That’s all you need to feel like you’re on a beach. For the occasion, we switched out the sand with lovely tender green grass.

the astonish-your-feet path

Set your feet free and let them out of their shoes or sandals and walk barefoot through mud, moss, stones, tree bark, lava, coconuts and much more. Watch out, or your hands might get jealous of your hands!


After your feet, it’s your head’s turn. No better place to pamper your head than during the wonder book festival. A tent houses a library with 1001 books. The best children’s book authors and illustrators are welcomed there, and of course you can read to each other until dawn. But that’s not all. Every year on Wonderweekend, books come to life! Come along and jump into a book.

the Restaurant Without Cutlery

In this intergalactically famous restaurant, you can ask for EVERYTHING. Except cutlery. And we make no exceptions for anything or anyone. Not even for mothers with bright white dresses. Eat with your hands, teeth, feet and knees, but don’t you dare bring out any cutlery or… you’ll be doing the imaginary dishes. And we decide how long it will be!

Our magic evening show!

Every night around 20:30, everybody gathers around to see our fantastic evening show. Half an hour of amazement tops of an amazing day in the Botanic Garden Meise.

for our overnight guests

If you order an overnight stay, the evening show is not the end of your wonder day yet. Find out below what else you will experience!

Decorate your tent at the Cardboard Campsite

On wonderweekend, you will sleep at the centre of the most beautiful garden of the country in a cardboard tent at the Cardboard Camping. But do you want to become King of the Cardboard Camping? Then you will need to decorate your cardboard tent! We’ll give you paint, but feel free to bring some horns, bells, seaweed and dragonflies from home to make the most beautiful tent ever!

a fairy tale wonder journey through the dark forest

Hansel, Gretel, Tom Thumb, Little Red Riding Hood… every fairy tale walks through a dark, mysterious forest. And so do you. Because when night falls, you walk through a magical part of the Botanical Garden where there is something different to discover behind every tree. A luminous jellyfish dance, mirror foxes and opera singing wood gnomes. Everything is possible in our wonderland tour. If you dare!

marshmallows, a minstrel and a magician at the campfire

At the end of the adventure tour you will come to our campfire campsite. Here you choose your own campfire and practise your marshmallow-baking and magic skills. Because a magician will come and teach you his greatest tricks. You will start to sing of happiness. And that is a good thing, because our minstrel will also join you at the campfire. He knows more songs than a jukebox, so all you have to do is ask him and sing along.

Breakfast at the longest breakfast table ever!

With the most delicious pastries ever. We finish off with a breakfast with all the trimmings! A royal breakfast with a view of the castle, so that we can talk about everything we saw and experienced the day before.